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Another problem I see is thinking that China, India, and Russia are any different than the EU, US,and UN. They all want the same thing and Climate Change (previously known as Climate Cooling and Climate Warming) offers that; Money and Power in the tune of Communism. To walk away from that is to reject the quickest route to that goal. The only question remaining is who ends up on top.


I wonder why they have co-operated with the IPCC climate nonsense to the extent they have so far.
To me, even before climategate, it seemed over the top fearmongering, and is definitely putting all the eggs in one basket. The earth needs a thorough debate over what the climate is doing and whether CO2, soot, deforestation and urbanization have a significant effect. Maybe the fallout from climategate will provoke a new scientific enquiry.

C3 Editor

You are more than likely correct. But what if China, India and Russia would like to dethrone Western powers as the world's "leaders" and wanted to assure that the consumer engines that the U.S. and EU represent keeps chugging along? Those consumer engines create a lot of jobs and growth in their respective economies. Just saying and wildly speculating....


"At this point in the Copenhagen proceedings, there would seem to be absolutely no benefit for China, India and Russia to continue to kowtow to Europe or the U.S. any longer on the over-hyped climate change issues."

I think you completely are missing the situation that these three countries are in. They can essentially sign onto an agreement that hamstrings EU and US by cutting off the blood supply to the economy and benefit tremendously from the outsourcing of jobs that would result. As the western civilization collapses from its own hubris China, Russia or India could simply send a couple nuclear ships over towards our coast and ask politely to be given control of our nation, and without an industrial base from which to produce military gear we would be forced to comply or die.

They have no reason to leave the negotiating table because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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