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Human Person Junior, Jr.

This post is on the money, and so are Marc Morano's writings on this subject.

I don't usually believe in single-issue voting, and I've disparaged the practice for decades. This is the first time I've reversed field, and here's why: The insane desire of the left, to control energy and "climate pollution" reaches into every corner of our daily lives, and affect every economic decision, even the smallest ones, like, do I buy the New York Times or toss the money into the sewer?

As you say: Any politician who subscribes to any part of the CO2 myth is unfit for office. Ergo, de prompto, iditerod, Newt is unfit. (Not to mention that high-pitched, annoying voice of his, which makes me think he has a corn cob lodged somewhere nature never intended.)



Kent Clizbe

Take a look at Newt's insane collaboration with the "Third Way" guru, Alvin Toffler:


Be afraid, be very afraid.

Daisy Chakra

great post

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