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Lovely graph. Is it possible to overlay a CO2 graph covering all the different periods?


This is the full article, I think:- http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228392.300-hyperwarming-climate-could-turn-earths-poles-green.html

It maintains the NS warmist stance big time and is NOT an admission of pseudo science.

Real scientists and AGW sceptics are losing the game. Period.


This just proves that there were past civilizations that are now gone and they used coal to heat their ovens and cook dinosaurs! Well, I might as well make the claim before Hansen and Holdren say something like this.

Michael Snow

I was ready to say 'Thank you, Santa' and 'Merry Christmas.' Yes, the graph says one thing, but New Scientist's opening line is: "AN ERA of ice that has gripped Earth's poles for 35 million years could come to an end as extreme global warming really begins to bite."

Yes, they talk about historical processes, too. But then there is this absurd quote: "Pearson emphasises that hothouse Earth is far from inevitable. "We can prevent this happening," he says."

John Christy rightly labeled such as "hubris."

nathan roberts

Looks like Gore's invention (the internet) has taken down the Global Warming Alarmist. Without it no telling where we'd be today. Thank you Al.

El Sabio

This is a big story; keep pushing it.

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