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C3 Editor

First, Inglis and Shultz are not conservatives. They are big government types wanting more taxes to spend, who happen to be part of the GOP establishment. True conservatives want to limit/restrain govt not enhance/grow it with more money.

Second, Inglis supports a carbon tax because of his stated fear of "global warming." But over the last 15 years there has been no global warming (see: http://www.c3headlines.com/2012/08/climate-sensitivity-hadcrut-co2-agw-global-warming-evidence-30-years.html). So this means Inglis is either stupid (ignorant?) or he is lying about his real motivation for wanting another tax. (I think it's the latter.)

Third, a carbon tax does not affect the profits of oil and gas companies. It is a new company cost that they pass right on to the consumers.

Fourth, federal politicians will not refund a carbon tax to taxpayers. They will do just like Gov. Brown did in California - use the carbon tax to pay for more spending on the 47% welfare class. Which part of out-of-control-spending and fiscal-cliff do you not understand? (see: http://insideclimatenews.org/news/20120612/california-cap-and-trade-program-billions-auction-proceeds-energy-efficiency-carb-jerry-brown-next10-rggi)

Try again. Stop with the lame-brain arguments - the election is over.

Jan Freed

Carbon fee and dividend is strongly supported by some conservatives, such as Bob Inglis and former Sec of State George Shultz. Fees are returned as lower taxes. Big oil and coal, of course, are against it and willing to risk the planet for a few bucks (like they need it!).

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