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If you would like an explanation of heat content and associated charts, I recommend Bob Tisdales's blog - none better or more complete.

BTW, hurricanes and tropical storms are not really affected by 'heat content' but instead sea surface temperatures. Heat content is measured at very deep depths. Depending on which data series, the depth is either 700 meters or 2000 meters.

Plus, beware that there seems to be a debate about NOAA's newest heat content measurements regarding their accuracy/reliability.

Bob Maginnis

Here, you can find Ocean warming:


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I guess this a difficult concept (anthropogenic "global warming") for some to understand. CO2 emissions were supposed to warm the world's oceans over the last 15 years - they have not. Indeed, the oceans did slightly warm prior to late 1998, though.

That's why there are two charts - to help one understand that the prediction that CO2 emissions would cause unequivocal, accelerated warming of the oceans is wrong. IT DID NOT HAPPEN OVER THE LAST 15 YEARS!

In addition, ocean warming did not cause Hurricane Sandy, which the 'C3' charts reveal. If you want to discuss the actual warming of the ocean area that 'Sandy' traveled then I suggest you read very carefully what the empirical evidence says here: http://bobtisdale.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/sea-surface-temperature-anomalies-along-sandys-track-havent-warmed-in-70-years/#more-2548

This is not rocket science. The plain and simple facts are that CO2 emissions did not make the ocean's "boil" as many have predicted. That's not to say the oceans won't warm (or cool) over the next 15 years.

And, btw, there is no "U.S. climate catastrophe." So any author using that term is a moron. During 2012, the U.S. had some bad weather events, which has also happened with amazing frequency over the last two centuries. Thee terrible weather events have been recorded for posterity by something called newspapers. If you are not familiar with the past disastrous weather events, you can read about them here: http://www.c3headlines.com/bad-stuff-happens.html

Bob Maginnis

If you had put all the info on one chart, instead of reversing the order of the charts, the warming would be obvious. You could also read "Atlantic Heating Driving U.S. Climate Catastrophe" at:



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Click on the chart to enlarge. Look next to the 'Y' axis.



Hey, can y'all post a source for the NCDC data? Thanks!

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