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Dan Pangburn

The IPCC is hopelessly clueless. They get it wrong again in their latest report.

Who guessed that it could be so simple?

All measurements point to the average global temperature TREND since 1610 (the start of regular recording of sunspot numbers) being driven by something(s) that are driven by the sunspot number time-integral. OSCILLATIONS above and below the trend are the net effect of ocean cycles. Since temperatures have been accurately measured world wide, the net effect of ocean cycles has been very nearly ±1/5 K with a period of 64 years. Most recent peak was in approximately 2005.

Aerosols, volcanos, change to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, etc. have had no significant effect on average global temperature.

All this is shown at http://conenssti.blogspot.com/ and sub links.

Peter Yates

Maybe global warming isn't "hiding". Maybe the heat just didn't enter the system. ...
This is a very interesting video by an astronomer and a solar researcher :-
At 4:02 in the video the astronomer says that the Sun has been in an oddly quiet period. The solar cycle [that has just ended] took 14 years instead of the usual 11 years. He says, "That is probably the reason why global warming has plateaud [sp?] a little bit, despite the carbon dioxide levels increasing ...".
"Many solar researchers think the reason is the Sun. Because when the Sun is quieter, that corresponds to cooler weather on Earth."
It makes me wonder if solar researchers have any input into the IPCC reports. It would be logical to at least consult them, since knowing how much energy is entering a system would seem to be a necessary first step.

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