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C3 Editor


You're too lazy (too stupid?) to actually plot the data yourself using the downloaded spreadsheet?

I provided the raw material to create the chart yourself so you (and others) could determine if the 'C3' chart is legit but you won't even do that? Amazing.

Please, if you are not willing to invest the time to convince yourself of the evidential facts, don't waste my time or other readers with hand-waving bogosity.

Next time you comment here, you better present something of factual value instead of this type of lazy-ass blowhard verbiage. Trust me, I will delete your next worthless comment.

'C3' Editor

Lonny Eachus

Detailed explanation of the data for us? References? Citations?

The spreadsheet is just really not evidence. Nor is the link much better. We can see it's a set of data but more detailed explanation is necessary for credibility of your claim.

The fact that this data came from NOAA is great (and I can see the file on the UAH website). But without more explanation of what it represents -- which the readme there really does not do for the uninitiated -- you're just pissing in the wind.

We don't know if this data actually represents what you claim it represents. And without better citations, that doubt will remain.

Don't misunderstand me: I think it's great news. But unfortunately the rules today must be (1) evidence, evidence, evidence, and (2) putting it all together into something coherent, with references. Anything else is "hot air", so to speak. It might be 100% correct but it won't convince anybody who isn't already familiar with the dataset and how it was collected.



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