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Bill Butler

You will no doubt “snip” this again, but there is a chance you might read it first.


You're right, Bill. Drop the 'D'-word from the comments. If you are incapable of articulating your opinion without using it or other derogatory terms regarding moi, then your comments will not survive.

BTW, before you try another attempt at mudslinging, go to this link (http://c3headlines.typepad.com/my_weblog/about-c3-other-climate-sites.html) and read about my climate change opinions.



You'd think that after 17 years of temperature pause, the alarmists would be cheering and claiming that their curly light bulbs and wind farms worked after all. But counter-intuitively they are willfully ignoring the pause. There are a lot of global warming alarmists who actually hope and pray that the warming resumes with a vengeance, and it still might for all we know.

All I know is that I will gladly take more warming rather than a century long cold period, any day.

Bill Butler


Bill, you're welcome to spread your venom on your own site, not here. If you want to comment here, keep it civil without name calling.

BTW, if you really believe the world is still warming, take it up with the science journal Nature. Or maybe the climate agencies that publish the datasets.


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