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Ken Gregory

Nope, volcanoes do NOT explain the hiatus in global warming. The amount of volcanic aerosols 1998 to 2013 are LESS than in 1950 to 1997.

The lack of recent volcanoes would cause warming, not cooling since 1998. The warming due to no volcanoes and a large increase in CO2 since 1997 was more than offset by cooling from natural climate change other than volcanoes.


Wait!!! Just in, "Volcanoes explain the hiatus in global warming" . Why, just yesterday they were telling us there was no slow down in global warming. What a difference a day makes. Deny the slowdown until it can't be denied, then find some unaccounted for reason. But don't worry, it's still the hottest on record and the global warming will return.. worse than before. The UN's agenda to destroy the western world remains unchanged.

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