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In any other field of science if so many predictions, if they used so many words such as "could" "maybe" "might happen", funding would be shut off and the authors would be discredited. Let's take cold fusion for example, there was no intent I believe to deceive or falsify data. The results couldn't be reproduced and that was the end of it. How AGW continues on unabated is beyond my level of understanding except in the political field. In the political field, anything is possible. Now in an ever tightening noose to freeze Americans to death some day, they've made wood burning stoves in violation of EPA standards. In a sane world I'd call all of the above kind of crazy, except in the 10 or 12 years of trying to debate this issue, I have reached a similar conclusion that Mervyn posted. The people that convinced me of that wasn't Rush or Fox news, (don't listen to them anyway) it was the AGW people themselves.


I was beginning to think Obama and Kerry, and other US politicians pushing the same global warming line - "climate change is a fact" - are perhaps just dumb or have bad science advisors.

But that's not it. They don't care about the science. They don't care about the real world observational data on climate. They're just determined to impose green dogma and ADENDA 21 on the American people. These people are just so caught up in their political world, they have forgotten about the American people and the American way. It's almost like they want to weaken America and succumb to the New World Order.

I think it is now appropriate to call Kerry a global warming Nazi.

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